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ALpHa is a meme OC, yeah,


ALpHa looks like Alpha, Just without any pupils and outlined more,

In Cartoon Chaos

AlPhA looks exactly like Alpha's outfit, just poorly drawn.


ALpHa acts dumb most of the time, he's pretty much the definition of murder as he literally attempts to kill anybody he sees, good or not. pretty much his only friend is Chibi Icicle, Kurbex and etc.

In Cartoon Chaos




  • AlPhA is commonly referred to as "Mistake" by Alpha.
  • AlPhA prefers Nathan Drake over Lara Croft, mainly cause of the fact that he was in a subway commercial,
  • AlPhA can also shapeshift, Just like Alpha
  • AlPhA is heavily armed
  • AlPhA dosen't have feelings
  • It's likely that AlPhA wrote this page himself.
  • AlPhA will be staying with the old design just for an archive for what Alpha originally looked like.