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Idk what to put here for info.


A human with a Purple Jacket with gloves, brown hair, and a purple and grey bandana,

In Cartoon Chaos

Alpha wears an outfit similar to Icicle, But instead he has the scarf on his right arm.


Alpha has the ability to shapeshift into an Eevee, Warp via the shocker sword he has, and a few other things that go unlisted for now.


Determined, Alpha is used to being on his own and can be pretty cautious at times. He usually is pretty comical at times too but theres not much else to say,

In Cartoon Chaos

Alpha NEVER shuts up about Cat Puns, Oh yeah somehow he bought guns into the cafe (He has an LMG in CC2 and a Paintball Gun in CC3, Thought the paintball gun is for AlPhA.)


  • Alpha is a simp
  • Alpha is currently in an alternative universe
  • Alpha is the first OC (in the wiki) to be made by a furry.
  • Thanks to Yoshipro, Alpha hates flappy bird.
  • Alpha is a mod in Friday Night Funkin'
  • Alpha was originally named "Jerry" back in 2016.
  • Alpha is now a bootleg Final Fantasy XV protagonist
  • Alpha used to be friends with L Kirby, Until they both got into an arguement.
  • He owns a duck, named Quakington
  • He has about 5 forms, One of them being a wiki article, Alpha (Ranged)
  • Alpha's true name is Lucis.
  • Alpha used to be a kirby oc.