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“A... Cake Royale? I can’t think of anything more ridiculous...”

-Carrot (KSR)


Carrot is a standard orange Waddle Dee, with a straw hat and a parasol.


Carrot is actually quite stubborn, and is persistent in getting what she wants. She also has big opinions on just about everything.


Carrot is extremely against waddle dee exclusion, and hates King Dedede and whoever supports him. She did start out as a human, existing in the same world as Evelyn, and supposedly saved her from Shadowlyn’s influence. She then got transported to Popstar by the furious villain.

Even though she hates King Dedede’s supporters, she somehow fell in love with Yuya during the events in Kirby Slam Royale. She does make impulse decisions like this.


  • She has a genderbend named Chris who hasn’t made an appearance thus far.
  • Carrot appears in The Corruption Collab, along with Yuya, Evelyn, and Luca.
  • Her humanoid appearance has blond hair, like her creator.
  • Carrot was Psychic’s first nonhuman OC.


Carrot made in the Cartoony Creator from Picrew put here only for the purpose of having a gallery.