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Celestia is a Kirby OC created by ossipeemtngamer. She is a gender swapped version of Celest.


Celestia has a few similarities to Celest, with no visible cheeks and a light teal body. There are a few differences between them in order to tell them apart. Celestia has mint-green shoes and a mint-green hat. Her eyes are also mint-green. She has long, messy, teal hair that covers one of her eyes. With her hat off, her hair is tied in a ponytail. She can occasionally be seen wearing white gloves.


Celestia is more upbeat than Celest, though she can strike fear in anyone who makes her angry. She's a bit more cocky in combat.


  • Some of Celestia's sprites display a coloring error behind her hair where the covered up eye is green, rather than mint-green.