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Cherry is a Kirby OC made by Scratch user moberryz. She is the third Kirby OC to be made by her, but the first to be released on Scratch.


Cherry has light blonde hair dyed slightly pink at the ends tied with a light red bobble with two slightly darker red circles supposed to resemble cherries (hence her name). She has a light purple body, with light green shoes, pink cheeks and a light pink eye. She wears an eye patch across her left eye and has a scar underneath said eye.


Cherry can sometimes be calm, but has anger issues, always wanting to pick fights with everyone, even if she knows she'll lose.


Cherry has two forms, Super and Ultra, with Ultra being more powerful than Super but harder for her to control. She can also use two Mario power-ups; Fire and Cat.


  • Cherry first appeared in a project called 'Remix Me Doing a Weird Walk Because I'm Special remix'[1]
  • In early 2017, Lunar thought it was a good idea to have her be in a relationship with Kirby
  • Before it was decided, Lunar thought her age would be around the same as Kirby's
  • Cherry considers herself to be Kirby's best friend, and won't accept that she's anyone else's best friend
  • Cherry is Lunar's main Kirby OC
  • She has a dark form, appropriately named Dark Cherry
  • She and Dark Cherry were originally one Kirby. They were split into two by Neo
  • She appears in Clash For The Prize
  • Cherry gets bad sugar rushes
  • She claims to have beaten the video game Super Paper Mario around 15 times
  • She claims to not be scared of anything
    • Despite this, she appears to be extremely scared of the video game series Five Nights at Freddy's and also of the dark