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You have me, and you have the other me who can't teleport, so who do ya choose? - Corrupt Kirbix


Corrupt Kirbix is a dark pale orange Kirby with dark red-orange shoes, lavender eyes, and maroon blush. His hair is a darker, messier version of Kirbix's, and he has a scar over his left eye.


Mostly laid-back, and retains Kirbix's sense of humor (which is basically a "better than nothing" sense of humor), he's also sometimes easily annoyed and notices things that don't always need to be noticed.


Corrupt Kirbix, while being considered by others to be the "Evil Kirbix", Corrupt Kirbix just considers himself a different version of Kirbix and thinks the name he got for differentiation sounded unique.


  • Corrupt Kirbix's original design was a red Kirbix named "Shadow Kirbix"
  • As shown in his main image, the scar on Corrupt Kirbix's eye is sometimes put on his right.
  • In Dark Sparky's Adventure, it's discovered that he and Dark Cherry could easily get into an argument over what should and shouldn't be said out loud, although Corrupt Kirbix knows that Dark Cherry would probably win the argument anyways.