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“I am going to BURN her to DEATH!!!”

-Evelyn (Academii)


Evelyn is a blue Kirby with messy blond hair and green eyes.


There's no other way to put this: Evelyn is probably one of the laziest Kirbies ever. Even though she's very good at fighting, she usually has someone else do it for her (usually Zi-Kai, as he's the strongest person she knows). She wakes up very late in the day, and if nothing is on her schedule, she'll sit around all day.

Despite her laziness, she's somewhat stern to her friends and loved ones, but would protect them with her life.


She used to be a regular human, until she met a creepy crystal vendor, and took a red crystal for herself. Turns out, it gave her a dark side- which she tried her best to purge. It's unknown who saved her, but her dark side was made into another being. The being then wiped her memory and sent her to Miitopia Island.

There, she worked hard(ish) to make a life for herself as a mage. It was all ruined when she was possessed by Shadowlyn, but saved by her husband. Shadowlyn then made an attempt to wipe her memory for the second time, but Yuya (mii) sacrificed his memory to send Evelyn to a safer place.

And he was right, Dream Land was a safer place. Of course, tragedy struck again, as what appeared to be a clone of Yuya lost his sanity, captured her, and eventually fused with her to gain her powers. After that, she hasn't been heard from.


  • Evelyn, to put in the words of psychic_girl, is "Me but very lazy and also older."
  • Her theme song is Veridis Quo by Daft Punk.
  • Evelyn can actually access Shadowlyn’s mind, but doing it too much or often can unleash a side she doesn’t like.
  • She can get dark. Fast.
  • She’s an acquaintance to most people, and a notable introvert.
  • She, like Carrot, hates King Dedede. In her words, “If I ever meet that fraud, I’ll send that blue freak back to Club Penguin where he belongs!”

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