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"Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Joe, Joe Has a Canon Voice!

Joe, also known as Kirby Joe,and its full name Joey Brook is a Kirby OC made by leogames2016 who also made other versions of Joe, including the origin of Joe's design, Dorian Joe.


Normal Pensonality

Joe acts very innocent, but can be serious if required. He also had some issues with other OCs, such as Kirbix or Roadrash, making him get frustrated more easily.

Heroic Pensonality

For some reason,especially in His games,He has a heroic side that will make him defeat the evil. Nothing is known about it.


Joe in his Kirby form is a lime green Kirby with light-blue shoes (his feet might be green) and three-spiked orange-yellow hair.


Originally created as a Dorian recolor, Joe gained many forms, such as a Human form and the more common Kirby form, as well as a few others. While similar in appearance and age, Joe shouldn't be confused with another OC of the same name who is nicer than Joe, who is also nice, although he can be pretty innocent.


  • Joe may be well known for not getting along well with Kirbix, Roadrash and L Kirby as well as many people.
    • In case of Roadrash,He curiously take roadrash´s meta runner arm.
    • That would not be actually possible without harming him.
      • Despite this,He is currently trying to apolgize them due to his mistakes with them.
  • Joe doesn't like bananas. When he sees one, he would usually say "Eck! Banana!"
  • Joe's original form was a recolor of Dorian, but it stopped being used due to the fact the Leogames2016 preferred Human Joe and Kirby Joe, but Leo still remembers it.
  • Originally, Joe didn't have Abilities like his Humanoid, Inhale and Roll-out abilities. He gained them later when Mike (Never used) and Green Bomb were added.
  • Joe has been previously used for his owner's appearance.
  • He tried to make some VHS tapes before switching to DVD with help from Joseph (RubiksDude95).[1]
  • Joe used to be very selfish (and possibly a jerk although some of Joe´s enemies claims that he´s still a jerk), but eventually calmed down when he met Kirby, but that has turned into a rivalry,however.
  • He appears on Amino, but never got a article. He also made a Article out of it that made him banned.
  • He has appeared off Scratch in a short story and a game, which are The Kirby Joe Story and Walk respectively.
  • A Mario Kart Wii mod will include him as a custom Battle Course.
  • For unknown reasons, Joe isn't currently a M.U.G.E.N fighter but will be eventually. He will get the Template eventually to do that.
  • As a joke, his previous version was nicknamed "French-Fry Joe" by some Scratchers due to the yellow color and spiked appearance, and his newest version is nicknamed "Melted Cheese Joe" due to that version's orange hair which resembles melted cheddar cheese.
  • According to Leo, his Scratch brother is Dorian.[2]
  • He has a 3DS, which appeared in Leo's Halloween 2020 project.
  • Despite being annoying, he (according to himself) is not as annoying as Artie and Nex which Joe despises a lot despite there being no interaction of him despising them.
    • According to Leo, if he were to ever meet Nex, they would both want to irritate each other.
  • In the Collab Saga Season 3,He uses his V3 version instead of the current one. Due to the fact that he uses his V3 in the season 1-2 made him use his V3 Instead of the then-current one.
  • He has a Super Form which is more Powerful.
  • His death is actually uncanon,despite some attempts.
  • His Decal can be found on ROBLOX.[3]
  • He was unserious even if required back in Collab Saga 1.[4]
  • Joe hates demons.



  1. This is probably true,however VHS is very old that Joe decided to use it for nostalgia.
  2. Dorian is a Scratch actor that appears on Scratch 3.0,he plays basketball with his stretchy arms and he have a spiked hair (just like Joe) which later inspired Joe´s original form. If you think Joseph was his only brother,You´re actually wrong. Joe is originally declared to be Joseph´s brother until a RubiksDude95´s version of him took its place.