"Helloooooooo" -Joe´s Voice actor

Joe Also called Kirby Joe was a Kirby OC Made by leogames2016 Which Also made Their Versions Of Joe Including The Classic One Dorian Joe.


Joe was The Most childish one. He could Be Serious if He wanted. He also had Some issues Making him Unstable for some Things Like Not getting along well with their Haters or Something.


Joe in his Kirby form was a green Kirby with light-blue shoes (his feet are green) and three-spiked yellow hair. It should be noted that in his later versions his hair was Orange or dyed orange


Originally Created as a Dorian Recolor it Got Many forms Due to him such as the Human Form and the Kirby Form and More. It was not to be Confused with the Kirby OC Of the Same Name who Is very Nice Than Joe Which he is also Nice though he is more Childish


  • Joe was well known for not getting along well with Kirbix, Roadrash, Alpha and L Kirby.
  • Joe didn't like bananas. When he saw one, he'd likely say "Eck! Banana!"
  • The Original Form of Him were a Recolor of Dorian But it was Slowly Not Used due to the New Forms like Human Joe and Kirby Joe,But that was still Used.
  • Should not be confused with Joe (RubiksDude95).
  • Originally He didnt Have Abilities Rather than his Humanoid,Inhale and Rollout Though It was added later When Mike (Never seen) and Green Bomb Were Added.
  • Apparently Joe was used for his owner's appearance sometimes.
  • He Apparently also Made Some VHS Before Switching to DVD (With some Help of Joseph)
  • For unknown Reasons Joe Was so selfish in the Past until he Finded Kirby (His Rival)
  • He appears At Amino but Never got a Article.
  • His Actual apparence on Media is https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13705817/1/The-Kirby-Joe-Story
  • A Mario Kart Wii Mod will include him as a Custom Battle Arena.
  • For Unknown Reasons,Joe isnt Included as a Mugen Fighter but it will be.
  • Jokingly,His Old Version is called "French-Fry Joe" by the Boys like LucaRulz and His New Version is Called "Cheese Joe" due to his Orange Hair.
  • His Actual Scratch Brother is Dorian.
  • In One project,Joe was considered to be Homosexual as seen on the Interview but It was scrapped Considering Young Kids wont Like it. It was Mentioned by Roadrash that Roadrash is Straight and Joe is Gay


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