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"Why's my voice the same as Spakry's?" - Kurbex, in his voice sample


Kurbex looks like Kirbix, but simpler.


Kurbex is an OC by RubiksDude95. Originating from a short RP on a FlyLittleHawk project, Kurbex started out as a mildly edited Spakry before gaining his own design and even a Scratch account, KurbexDud94, before moving that to Kurbex.


He acts very random and does whatever he wants most of the time, as a result of being RubiksDude95 without a verbal or action filter.


  • Uses 1 Grit (a very special chunk of concrete) as a weapon.
  • His design was first hand-drawn by RubiksDude95, then later re-drawn with vector lines.
  • If Kurbex didn't have to do other things, he'd choose to danec in place while listening to music.
  • Not a meme OC, but is referred to as one because of his origins of Kirbix and Spakry coming into physical contact with each other.
  • Mystery link