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L Kirby was Lovestruck19's main Kirby OC


LK is a lime-green puffball with a green cap sporting his initials, blue shoes, light green eyes and dark green cheeks


LK is calm, polite, understanding, respectful, has a strong sense of justice, and is a bit of a hot-head


Laiden or L Kirby, was born into a family of three, his "father", his brother, Mellow and his sister, Lauren, Laiden's "father", Adrian, had a hatred for the Energy Diamond Protectors for being more powerful than others, and he wanted them gone for good, after Laiden's mother died giving birth to him, Mellow took Laiden, at the time more commonly known as Lucas, and both Mellow and Lauren went into hiding. At age 3, some of Adrian's followers found L Kirby and before they could shoot him, Mellow took the poison dart for his little brother, Laiden then attempted to get his brother to safety, but accidentally pushed him down a pit, the young LK was eventually brung to an orphanage that also served as a school, Laiden was one of the only two not adopted, at that time, LK also got stuck with the hammer ability thanks to a trickster. Eventually, he decided to go journey off, in a large town he met Cherry (Headcanon), and she brung him into her house. At some point Laiden was sucked into a portal that took him to Imagination World, there he met Lovestruck, who got him his cap, and since then, he's been known as L Kirby!

Story in Lovestruck19's games

  • Energy Diamond Chase: L Kirby is one of the three playable characters, he alongside Winter and Lovestruck are all trying to get one of their respective energy diamonds back from the special stage realm.
  • L Kirby's Cloud Diving Chaos: L Kirby is the only playable character here, L Kirby's gone diving off of bubbly clouds in the middle of a thunderstorm, and he has to try and see how long he'll last.
  • Five Lovestruck Nights: L Kirby is one of the enemies in this game, at the end of the game, depending on the ending, he either kills Shadow LK, or gets cured by him.



  • Despite being lime-green he looks more light green.
  • LK is a self-proclaimed hero.
  • L Kirby's full name is Lovestruck Kirby.
  • L Kirby has a crush on Cherry.
  • LK used to be part of the police when he was younger! So if a crime happens he'll be more than happy to investigate.
  • L Kirby also used to fear anyone... and everyone... The first person who got him out of his shell slightly was Cherry.
  • L Kirby was originally going to be female and would've been called Lovestria Kirby.
  • L Kirby has also been genderbent and been turned into a human (With the former also receiving the human form)
  • LK Has 5 known styles he's used: The Kirby Advance Style, CodeKirby's Style,RubiksDude95's 8-bit style, The 8-bit Kirby style and moberryz's V6 Style.
  • L Kirby is older than Luigi Dee.
  • L Kirby is going to star in his own game known as: LK's Island Venture.
  • L Kirby's birthday is the same date as his creator's!
  • L Kirby likes to play instruments, he's played a trumpet, and a guitar (His preferred instrument)
  • In Kirbyandfriends12's One Night At Fazzy's 1, Fazzy's 2 and Fazzy's 3 LK is the nightguard for both games. In ONAF 1, LK wanted extra pay, and in ONAF 2 he's looking for his missing friends: Meld and Roadrash and will do anything in his power to bring them home... (AND I'M NOT SPOLING ONAF3 CAUSE FRICK YOU ~ LS19)
  • L Kirby is a character mod for SRB2 Kart with a weight stat of 3 and a speed of 6.
  • L Kirby is a enemy in LS19's game: Five Lovestruck Nights.
  • L Kirby is used in a lot of situations in LS19's Discord Server.
  • Lovestruck19 has gone on record to say that LK is how he represents himself.
  • L Kirby's true name is Laiden.