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Laiden is Lovestruck19's Main Kirby OC


Laiden is a lime-green puffball with a green cap with a blue star, blue shoes, with a white underside and a red button on both shoes, light green eyes and dark green cheeks.


Laiden is a little shy, but is quite polite and willing to help. Always looking for a bit of fun.


Laiden came around after Lovestruck19 became unhappy with L Kirby, and wanted to rewrite his character, this ending up with Laiden. Not much has changed from LK to Laiden in terms of events.


  • Laiden is L Kirby from a different timeline.
    • In that regard, the hero name "L Kirby" never happened
  • Laiden's shoes were custom made.
  • The star in Laiden's cap is actually where his Warpstar is kept
  • The white underside of Laiden's shoes actually glow in the dark
  • The button on Laiden's shoes switches the shoe's mode between the following: Normal, Rollerskates, Ice Skates and Rocket Shoes