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"Hi! My name's Lavender. It's nice to meet you!" -Lavender


Lavender is a light purple Kirby with a magenta ponytail (with a white streak in it), pink feet, on pink eye, one magenta eye, and a pink bow. However, her color palette changes frequently.


Lavender is peppy, bright, and friendly. She always does her best to make sure the people around her are happy, mostly to avoid any conflict. But sometimes, she can get really angry, which results in violence, and she may even lash out on her friends and family, regardless if they did anything to her.


As a very young child, she and her sister were attacked by Shadowlyn- giving Shyama huge paranoia, and cursing Lavender. Her parents were horrified to find this out, so Evelyn did the natural thing and made sure Shadowlyn didn't harm anyone else. However, Lavender had been turned 13. She didn't mind this, but dedicated herself to protecting her siblings.


  • The reason she changes colors was also the result of the curse Shadowlyn put on her.
  • Like her mother, she can sometimes get clingy. But this happens less often than her lashing out.


An old profile picture of Psychic's containing a human variant of Lavender. Psychic has not revealed what the blue stuff means.