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Leogames2016 is a Scratcher who made many versions of Joe (leogames2016) and also Pinkia. He also made Blue Hat Boy as well as Redia and Roll. He joined Scratch (leogames2016) in early 2019 (January 1st, 2019 to be exact) and joined Fandom on February 4th, 2017.


  • As of September 22, 2020, leogames2016 was blocked from Scratch for continuing to break the Community Guidelines. Although Scratch Team told a mail with no real reason that he wont e be unbanned, Leo wants to keep the real reason a secret. Before his Scratch block, he tried to report moberryz just because of the phrase "My OCs must be used with permission.", which Leo suddenly discovered that is not allowed in the forums.[1] The reason may be False Reporting though the ban does not refer it as that.
    • He recently got IP-Banned due to evading the account. But he got over it eventually by restarting his pc.
  • He is mostly known as "The guy who steals OCs" or "The man behind the OC stealing"
  • leogames2016 has been known to have a lack of self-control and got banned from two websites and Fandom wikis.
  • In another community, Leogames2016 was known to be a stalker kid.
  • As revealed by Leo himself, he has a Dell Latitude 131L running Microsoft Windows XP and a QBEX desktop running Microsoft Windows 10. (The Service Tag for that wasn't discovered)
  • He has a Mapping account called JoeMapping which he uses for mapping at SMC Which banned TheSoccerDude16
  • He wish he was unbanned.
  • He got banned from McleodGaming Server because he said the N Word.
  • He got banned from the Liza Community because he was mistaken for a Pedophile called Joerobinette.
  • His religion believes in god.
  • He hates LGBT as his family does. This might be true as he saw FlyLittleHawk becoming trans