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Lovestria Kirby is one of Lovestruck19's OCs


Lovestria Kirby is a blueberry-blue Kirby with orange eyes, green hair with a dark green flick and a palm-tree ponytail, green cheeks and light pink shoes


Lovestria is playful, sassy and arrogant


LK is a bit of an extra life farmer, he likes to have his lives around the 60 mark, and during one of his adventures, he died but upon respawning... he lost two lives instead of one but he thought "Eh, it's probably nothing" and carried on like normal, however that other extra life gave Lovestria Kirby her conscious.


  • Lovestria Kirby is who L Kirby was meant to be
  • The island she lives on is actually a planet!
  • Lk's friends mistakes her for him
  • Lovestria plays a staring role as playable character and reoccurring boss in the planned LK's Island Venture, which is based on her backstory