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A lone hero, from the human world, transformed to a puffball... -LucaRulz: Corruption War

Luca is the Kirby appearance of the user LucaRulz.


Luca has a Lime body, dark blonde hair and sky blue eyes and feet. his cap is also sky blue, with his cape regular blue and his dark green cheeks.


Luca is stubborn and suspicious, like any young Kirby out there at a young age. he wears a cap and a cape, with his cap showing his trademark logo.


He uses Plasma orbs, similar to OC Luca's Electric orbs, to weaponize himself or use for transportation when in use of his Super form.

In Luca's Christmas Diner

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  • Luca is used often for his owner's appearance.
  • Luca appears in The Corruption Collab, along with Carrot, Yuya and Evelyn.
  • Luca has a Super Form and Corrupted form. The Corrupted form only becomes in use when Luca is corrupted by Kirbronx.
  • His secret rivals are Joe And Pinkia. nothing else.
  • The Twitch streamer MateiPlayz is Luca's actual IRL brother.
  • He was panned to appear in Cartoon Chaos 2, but was scrapped.