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Nebula is a standalone Kirby OC owned by Lotus.


Nebula is a light blue-green Kirby with khaki shoes, purple eyes and magenta and blue gradient hair tied up with a Saturn-like object. Her feet are the same colour as her body.


Nebula is a fun-loving Kirby, who gets distracted easily and likes space. She is incredibly awkward in conversations, which makes her come across as rather stupid and strange. This is not on purpose, but she never talked to anyone for a long part of her life either, so it's to be expected. She also has an interest in nature.


Nebula has magical abilities, which are very powerful and, sometimes, dangerous. She has no idea that she can use them or how to use them, which is a mixed blessing. The only one she knows how to do is make objects fly for a limited amount of time. She mainly uses a flying carpet, which is not unlike flying carpets seen in movies..


  • Nebula's nickname is Neb
  • She has an incredible interest in space, often making jokes about space and looking at the sky.
  • She owns an Umbreon called Dusk
  • She has a mum and a dad (Her dad is called Stardust but her mum's concepts have been lost so her name is unknown for now)
  • Nebula was originally going to have a pet cat