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"Someone will put this in as a quote, trust me."

- Some cool guy 2069


Nex is a Purple Sphere with a tuff of hair, he wears Brown shoes with dark brown laces tied in the shape of an X. He has a Blue... thing attached to his body. Some people think its a part of his body, but it isn't. Not even Nex knows what the Blue thing is.


Nex is an Idiot that just likes to have fun. Whether it be by annoying people, or doing stupid stunts, or anything in-between. He also boasts about how cool he is as he has a massive ego. Well granted the ego itself is a joke, but it might as well be real.


Nex is Grapos' main OC, which isn't a Kirby but is still on this wiki somehow.


  • Nex and Alpha share a rivalry over who's product is better, Nex having Nexcare, and Alpha having Alpha Acid (PS. Alpha Acid is bad Nexcare good)
  • LK's Hat doesn't get the right to exist when Nex is around.
  • Am cool
  • cool lore is cool
  • Has entirely disappeared. Literally he just left existance.