OC Luca

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"My L Sword was my possession, but now i use a Butterfly Knife!"

-OC Luca, Episode III of LucaRulz Corruption War

OC Luca is a Kirby OC of the user LucaRulz.


OC Luca wears a blue cap, that Haty possesses, much like in Super Mario Odyssey. OC Luca has a sky blue body with green eyes and feet along with dark blue cheeks.


OC Luca is outgoing and aware. He is a warrior destined to be RulzTown's greatest ally and hero.


He uses Green Electricity orbs to become weaponized or just use for transport. He could also use his cap for defense.


  • OC Luca was used for his owner's appearance until May 22, 2019. The new appearance is Luca.
  • OC Luca's favorite color was green, and it's now blue.
  • OC Luca appears in KCC Rumble as a fighter, along in the KCC TV Series with Luca.
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