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Shadow L Kirby is Lovestruck19's OC


Shadow L Kirby is coloured mostly the same as L Kirby except he's darker, the initials on the cap are flipped, the circle on the cap is black instead of white, has dark red eyes with orange shine to them.


Unlike LK,Shadow L Kirby is arrogant, harsh, rude, protective and has the casual villain traits.


Shadow L Kirby is the manifestation of LK's negative energy, the more negative thoughts LK has built up in his mind, when Shadow L Kirby comes back he'll be smarter and stronger... However he used to live inside L Kirby's body under a different identity... Killer Instinct, however the two split into two during a fight for control and Shadow L Kirby came to be.

Story in Lovestruck19's games

  • Energy Diamond Chase: Shadow L Kirby was planned to show up as a skin for L Kirby, unfortunately at the time, it was scrapped.
  • L Kirby's Cloud Diving Chaos: Shadow LK does not show up in this game
  • Five Lovestruck Nights: Shadow LK is the protagonist for the game, he has been sent to the recording studio by Lovestruck19 to check up on why the LS19 crew have been going hostile at night.
  • Five Lovestruck Nights Freeplay Mode: Some time after the events of Five Lovestruck Nights, Shadow LK's week got turned into a VR game where everyone he went up against were editable A.Is, Shadow LK decided to give this game a shot.


  • Shadow L Kirby is constantly called "Faker" by L Kirby
  • Shadow L Kirby actually fears Super L Kirby despite the fact that he's stated multiple times that he don't fear anything
  • Shadow L Kirby considers Dark Cherry to be a mentor to him of sorts and always calls her "Master Dark Cherry"
  • Shadow L Kirby also has two sons he looks after! Shadow Saito and Shadow Aege
  • On rare occasions Shadow LK and LK have teamed up even though neither of them wish they had to
  • Shadow L Kirby also is friendly with LK when he feels like he doesn't want to take the villain role!
  • Shadow L Kirby killed LK once, only to then get pummeled by Super L Kirby
  • Almost all of his castles have a self-destruct when he is defeated
  • Like LK he has been genderbent but has not been turned into a human