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“I don’t care. Let’s just get away from these people. This is too much for me, no, us.”

-Shadowlyn (Chaos Saga)


Evelyn, except her entire color palette is red.


She's quite stubborn, paranoid, naive, fun, and sometimes a mix of all four. However, she can be pretty awkward around people she likes, and will occasionally open up to people she trusts, even though the number is very low.

Sometimes, she'll be confronted about sometime, and lose all color in a cartoon-like way.

When she's in danger, however, she will sometimes act completely different. She'll act clingy, sad, depressed, even kind.


She doesn't want to be Evelyn's dark side. She longs to be her own person, maybe even stop being a villain. But she didn't get that choice. She was an outcast. Hated. Teased. Gossiped about.

Shadowlyn decided that villainy was the only way she could get revenge.

She took her villain career to an extent. She even took people and blasted them with dark magic. This got to the point where she even possessed Evelyn just to get her revenge for being fatally hurt.

After going to Popstar, however, she calmed down, and regretted basically everything. She decided to look for an ally- someone to make the reckless decisions in her place- so she wouldn't hurt herself again.

Then Yuyeven came to be, and she even regretted villainy... after, of course, she was captured... which she hasn't been heard from currently...


  • Her name was Alpha as of 2017, but in 2020 psychic_girl found out the name of Alpha606's main OC. She felt the need to change it.
  • She's, in a way, partly stereotype villain. Red and black are big colors in her color pallet, she's a different version of the protagonist, she's edgy...
  • Shadowlyn can make herself look like Evelyn. She doesn’t like doing it, but it’s possible.
  • Like Evelyn, she’s also a notable introvert. She just hates people instead of opening up to them.
  • If you call her 'Dark Evelyn'... it won't end well. The last Kirby who called her that was never seen again. (Well, he has, as Yuyeven, it was merely coincidence.)