Scratch Kirby OCs and Users Wiki

“We can do this... together...”

- Yuya (Academii)


A waddle dee/Kirby hybrid with long brown hair, glasses, and brown hair.


Kind and compassionate.


Rumor has it there’s two of them, but there isn’t. He was a faithful and kind man living on Miitopia Island, and Evelyn’s husband. However, to save her, he got his memory wiped in an incident caused by Shadowlyn.

After that, he was peppy and energetic, but he still felt some sort of bond with Evelyn, despite knowing nothing of her. Yuya then fell in love with Carrot, his complete opposite, until he turned evil due to loss of sanity.

After that, he eventually started capturing people close to both him and his past self, even to the point of fusing with Evelyn for her power. His... well, sane self hasn’t been heard from ever since.