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A beige Kirby that has brown hair that fades to blond, glasses, red(ish) eyes, an orange foot, a blue foot, and wings. Usually seen with a hammer or a sword.


If you haven't met them, you'd assume they're friendly and energetic. They frequently sound/look like they're having fun... and then you learn their intentions. Yuyeven at first sought to destroy a few certain Kirbies, then decided on world domination. Their plans are very fragile, as stated by Chaotic Meld, but they have a burning passion for what they want.


After Yuya turned evil, he fused with Evelyn for her power, thus creating Yuyeven. They immediately started with their "master plan", which including capturing people they thought could overthrow them.

They then learned that the party of Meld, Dotty, Paper Meld, Lavender, Zi-Kai, Nazar, and Shadowlyn were after them, and decided to do everything in their power to stop them.

Nothing much other than that is known about them.


  • Despite having 3 wings, Yuyeven actually flies pretty well, as they already had the ability to float/fly in the first place.
  • Yuyeven will occasionally mention not having any known fears, but they’re horrified at even the mention of meme characters.
  • It’s possible that Yuyeven went mad. Signs point to it.
  • Yuyeven can actually separate themself from Evelyn. It’s just magic.
  • Yuyeven, in their cockiness, can be incredibly dumb.
  • Their first design was apparently based off of Queen Sectiona, but it was never shared.
  • Despite working with Chaotic Meld, Yuyeven finds them annoying sometimes. As they would say, "A small sacrifice of my sanity towards world domination."
  • According to their creator, Yuyeven originally didn’t have wings, and it was just an extension. Later on, wings were added to Yuya’s super form, and they were permanent.
  • RubiksDude95 made a V2B Art piece called Fused Tyrant, starring Kirbix and Yuyeven about to fight.
  • Yuyeven will occasionally have migraines or vivid dreams in which they will temporarily be controlled by Evelyn, Shadowlyn (due to her power), or Yuya, usually the latter. It becomes more frequent as time goes on, but stops in their Super Form.
  • For some reason, Yuyeven is favored by Psychic. Neither of them know why.
  • Yuyeven would be perfectly willing to help the good guys if they were in trouble. Why? Yuyeven happens to pity anyone they believe is lower than them (everyone).